The Spectre Inspectors: Rupert, Bertie, Mindi and Spooks the cat are the Spectre Inspectors: ghost hunters for hire. Except they have one problem: they haven’t actually ever seen, met or even captured a ghost. With Rupert, their leader, close to giving up, can one last case change it all? The Poltergeist’s Problem: Arthur died a long time ago and has wanted to be free from his house ever since… but can’t go further than the front door. When Bravewaite Manor is put up for sale however, Arthur will have to fight to save it. But how can he do that when he can barely switch off a light?

‘Tangled Tales’ is a new range of fiction aimed for 7-9 year olds. Each book is composed of two stories: one which follows a “hero” and another which follows a “monster” or “villain”: though things are not always so black and white! Flip the book and choose which story to start with, but they can be read in either order so pick wisely!

Grey Chapter Readers

Reading Level 13

128 Pages